Villa La Angostura
estivals and
Day of the Tradition
Occasion to be celebrated on November 10 the "Tradition Day" and an initiative of the Municipal Department of Culture and from 2001 and on that date, is celebrated "Tradition Day ", doing a festival and preparing a series of activities at the local level have begun to be accessed by school and by the whole community

The celebration usually starts in the morning and presenting skills Equestrian Games at the site of Municipal Gym , by traditionalist groups in the locality. The celebration continues at night, in the same gym where develops Folk Festival , which year after year has a different name in honor of the artists that are part neuquinos of cultural traditionalist. For this, the 2001 edition called "Homage to Marcelo Berbel". Ballets from the interior of the province, traditional folklore sets and projection , are just a few numbers that appear on the huge stage that is mounted in the municipal gym.