Villa La Angostura
estivals and
Gardens Festival
During these days, there are displays of plastic arts, handcrafts, and photography related to the topic and artistic shows, as well...
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Mayan Festivals
Popular and official celebration of the City Anniversary. In the presence of provincial authorities…
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Lowering of Torches
June, July, August
It is carried out in Bayo Hill every Friday in Winter season. It is organized by the Ski School of Bayo Hill...
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Winter Challenge
It is a competition among teams made up of 3 people, who have to get to the end of the test together...
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One Thousand Miles
Under the auspices of the City Hall and the cooperation of the Sports Division, “Adventure Race" is run...
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Tradition Day
Because of the celebration of Tradition Day on Nov. 10th and because of an initiative of the Local Cultural Division...
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