Villa La Angostura
How far is San Carlos de Bariloche from Villa La Angostura?
How do I get there from Bariloche?
It is 85 kms away from Bariloche City which takes approximately 1 ¼ hrs journey. It is possible to get there by hiring a van drive from the BRC airport, the Bariloche Hotel or the Bus Station. This kind of drive is called “From door to door” because passengers are picked up in the place they have chosen as “origin” and are left in the place where they have chosen to stay in Villa La Angostura. It is also possible to come on a transit bus from the Bariloche Bus Station to the Villa La Angostura Bus Station by the following companies: Algarrobal or Albus.

Which are the timetables of the Catamarán to the Arrayanes Forest?
There are generally many timetables which increase in number during winter and summer but there are not usually more than 3 daily timetables because of the journey duration (3 hrs). These 3 daily timetables are usually: 10.30am, 2.30pm and 5.30pm.

Is there a public bus service?
Yes, there is. It is provided by the 15 de Mayo Company. Its buses go to Puerto Manzano, to Correntoso, to the harbour, and in high season, they also go to Espejo Lake and Bayo Hill. There are fees from $1 (one Argentinean peso) on.
Villa La Angostura
Villa La Angostura
How far from downtown are most of the hotels and hostels?
Most of the hostels are not downtown but in places overlooking the lake and mountains, in full contact with nature. There is a great concentration of hostels in Puerto Manzano which is 7 kms away from downtown and where you can find gastronomic facilities.See Accommodation Section.
There are also gastronomic facilities on the way to the Correntoso area, which is 4 kms away, as well as on the way to Puerto Manzano, near the area to Bayo Hill entrance, where you will find many hostels 2.5 kms from downtown.
Villa La Angostura
What about night life in Villa La Angostura?
It has many resto-bars where you can have dinner and then listen to music or dance as in HUB, Tinto Bristo, La Camorra, among others.
Among the discos there is one called NQ Dance.

Are there cinemas, shopping centres, casinos?
As you may well know, Villa La Angostura is a place which is usually called Aldea de Montaña (Mountain Hamlet) because it is meant to preserve the “village” atmosphere. That is the reason why it has no cinemas, casinos or shopping centres.

How far is it from San Martin de los Andes?
Is it an asphalt roadway?
It is a 110 kms long roadway which is 60% made of rubble and 40% of asphalt. It is possible to drive on it as far as the weather conditions permit. It is only closed when there is a great snowfall or there are strong rains in winter. In that case, there is an alternative asphalt route by which it takes 250 kms to get to San Martin de Los Andes.

Are there supermarkets, banks, bureaux de change?
Where are they?
There are two big supermarkets on the main Arrayanes Avenue:  “Anonima” and “El Todo”. There is also another “Todo” Supermarket on the Siete Lagos Av. All of them are open from 9am to 9.30pm. There are also many small groceries stores and small markets.
Banks: Provincia de Nuequen Bank, Patagonia Bank and French Bank which are open from 8am to 1pm. There are Link and Banelco ATMs.
The bureaux de change is called Andina, it is on Arrayanes Av. and it is open from 9am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm.

Are there gastronomic facilities in the Puerto Manzano area?
And on the way to Correntoso?
Yes, there are. There are restaurants, tea houses, etc. See Where to Eat Section where you will find the addresses of such places.

Is there usually a lot of snow in winter?
There is always a lot of snow in winter and the Bayo Hill is a ski resort in winter season. Snow is less frequently found in the village but when there is actually a great snowfall, the landscape is unique. This occurs three or four times during winter.

When is the best season of the year to visit Villa La Angostura?

The best season for those who love nature, extreme sports and adventures is summer. The warm weather starts in November and it is up to 30º (86ºF) in summer.
You can enjoy water activities, kayak, diving, snorkel and rafting, not to mention hikes and open air activities.
Skiing lovers should not miss the winter season. Bayo Hill offers an ideal wide range of ski slopes to enjoy with their family of a magnificent view.
During fall the landscape is amazing: lenga beeches and ñires colouring the mountain. In spring there are flowers, birds and trees in full blossom which colour the landscape after the cold winter ends.

Is it possible to go to Arrayanes Forest without a boat?
Yes, it is possible to go there on foot. It is a 12kms trip and it takes 3 hours on the way over and 3 hours on the way back. It is possible to combine and do some of the way on foot and some by boat. For adventures we tell you, you can do it by bike, carrying your bike on a catamaran, but we recommend that you have experience on riding bikes.

What can I do during a week in Villa La Angostura?
There are basically 5 tours you cannot miss:
The Angostura Circuit, which is ideal if you have just arrived because it is the best introduction you can have to the town.
The tour to Arrayanes Forest with all the variants already mentioned.
The visit to Bayo Hill, which is open all year long.
Whole day activities in Villa Traful and Valle Encantado, and in San Martin de los Andes. There are also several outdoor activities such as: kayak, horse riding, canopy, quad bikes, hikes, rafting in Bariloche and many others.

Is there cell phone antenna?
Yes, there is. There is cell phone antenna all over Villa La Angostura, from Puerto Manzano to Correntoso and also in Villa Traful. There is no antenna on the Seven Lakes Way.

Are there internet connection service and phone boxes?
Yes, there are. Most of them are downtown and almost all the hostels offer internet connection service, many of them also offer Wi-Fi connection. But you can only find phone boxes downtown.

Is there a health assistance service?
Yes, there is a hospital with hospitalization service, consulting room service, clinic, x rays, traumatology, etc. For more complex cases, the patient is taken to San Carlos de Bariloche. There are also specialists consulting rooms and private health service.