Villa La Angostura
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By car:
From Bariloche you will drive towards the north and about 20 kms away you will find the route to Villa La Angostura which is 70 kms away. It is all paved and it has a beautiful overlook of all the coast line of Nahuel Huapi Lake.
From the North you can get here along the Seven Lakes Route, which you can take in San Martin de los Andes. You will have a 90 kms drive while observing the mountain range lakes with their awesome sights.

Frontier passages:
Cardenal Samoré Passage (former Puyehue)          

It is 1314 AMSL (42º 29' 07'' South Latitude – 70º 25' 91'' West Longitude) and it is open all year long. It is considered the second most important in the country because it has direct communication with Puerto Montt (220 kms away) and Osorno (117 kms away) along the Chilean Austral Motorway and with all the other parts of the Chilean Patagonia.
The road is paved in almost all its stretches, you must be careful in the stretches which are still being built. It is an important commercial passage, which makes the traffic quite thick. The road is of rubble over National Route 231, it is averagely 7 metres wide and it is in good conditions. The distance to the limit is 4 kms.5
Distances from Villa La Angostura to:
Bahia Blanca
1.017 km
83 km
482 km
Comodoro Rivadavia
830 km
El Bolsón
190 km
General Roca
525 km
Puerto Deseado
1.115 km
477 km
Santa Rosa
1.027 km
1.041 km
Las Grutas
1.121 km
943 km
976 km
25 de mayo
633 km
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