Villa La Angostura
estivals and
Mayan Festival
That day and weekend days that follow, are entirely devoted to magic tricks popular cutting the hand of local folk singers and groups, as well as develop skills and equestrian demonstrations hand Gauchas Centres and Associations.

Organized by the Municipality is also the framework for presentations that deal in cultural as interactive museums (made ​​with elements supplied by the inhabitants and are returned at the end of the exhibition) and whose themes address the local customs showing the lifestyle of ancient people.

Day Anniversary Villa La Angostura is carried by the official and mediate good time, performing a civic-military parade on Av Nahuel Huapi where forces involved local public and guests from neighboring towns.

This is a good opportunity for the delivery of "Silver Mutisia" honor given to outstanding personalities of Villa la Angostura who have contributed to the spread of sport, culture or whose trajectory is plausible recognition. The festival that takes place over the weekend following the anniversary of the village or the same dates, if this is located in the same weekend. In this framework, also chooses the local beauty we represent as "Queen of Villa La Angostura" for a year in the event that it is called.