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Walkers from all around the World venture around these lands to know them as nobody. There are not limits of age, sex or physical condition to go through our roads. We define trekking as an activity in which walking is the way of displacement, transporting camp equipment and food, that lasts one day or more. In many occasions you can go from one refuge or hostelry to the other but this activity always keeps a style, in which the self-sufficiency, regarding to equipment and supplies, is fundamental.

Initial Advice:
Go out with a guide if the place or route chosen is not known because you will not be able to foresee the difficulties. For a trekking trip, it is necessary to contemplate some variables that may have influence over your self-security, regarding to the comfort conditions for camping. It is important to have the equipment and make a plan before leaving, to carry whatever is needed, neither more nor less. Not all the expeditions demand the same equipment, so you must remember that each person can carry, at most, the 20 per cent of her own weight, to avoid pains in the back and the waist.

Degrees of Difficulty

There are degrees of difficulty; in general the routes are divided into four types of difficulty: easy, medium, moderate and difficult.
Easy: this level doesn’t have difficulties. But if the route that you are going over is not known, it is advisable to go with a guide.
Medium: it is about day-long excursions that do not present many difficulties.
Moderate: usually the excursion lasts one or more nights. It is done along paths or rubble roads which almost always lack of signs. You must also carry equipments.  

it is considered high difficulty when the trip involves one or more nights, previous experience or going with a professional guide. Besides the necessary equipment, you need technical elements. There’s a category known as ascent trekking that requires a previous physical training and the knowledge of some basic rules.


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Trekking - Villa La Angostura - Argentina
Trekking - Villa La Angostura - Argentina
Trekking - Villa La Angostura - Argentina
Trekking - Villa La Angostura - Argentina
Trekking - Villa La Angostura - Argentina
Trekking - Villa La Angostura - Argentina
Trekking - Villa La Angostura - Argentina
Trekking - Villa La Angostura - Argentina
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Useful data
By car Protect the environment By mountain bike On foot No fire allowed
Comfortable clothes to walk:

Warm and waterproof clothes.

Knee-high or calf-length Trekking boots.

Warm cap.

A change of clothes, specially socks.

Strong and comfortable back pack.