Villa La Angostura
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Touristic Attractions
A world of possibilities in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Patagonian Cordillera. We take you in a tour for Villa La Angostura's most attractive places, with recommendations and useful data to start planning your journey.
Arrayanes Woods
The path starts at the entrance to Los Arrayanes National Park, some metres from Brava Bay’s dock.
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Cajón Negro
Valley surrounded by Incayal. From the valley you can take a walk or camp and enjoy the flora and the fauna.
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Chapel Ntra. Señora de la Asunción
Built in 1936, it is unmistakably the work of the architect Bustillo and his mountain architecture
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Coihue el Abuelo - Brazo Última esperanza
A 500-year-old coihue and one of the Nahuel Huapi’s arms. Two places to be discovered.
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Laguna Verde - Selva Triste
The lagoon is surrounded by exuberant vegetation that is known as Selva Triste (Sad Jungle).
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Messidor Residence
Little French castle built in 1942 by the architect Alejandro Bustillo.
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Port Manzano
By the side of Lake Nahuel Huapi, there is a residential sector that allows you to appreciate the Cordillera’s typical architecture.
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The Ville
Lying on the northern margin of the Nahuel Huapi, a mountain villa vella.
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Viewer Belvedere
Una perfecta combinación de lagos y montañas para apreciar desde las alturas.
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Viewer Quetrihué
A magnificent sight of Lake Nahuel Huapi, its arms Machete, Rincón Última Esperanza
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Magnificent falls to be discovered inside the forest. Visiting these Andean’s nooks is an unforgettable experience.
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