Villa La Angostura

Weather in Villa La Angostura

The weather in Villa La Angostura, not only varies considerably with the change of seasons, it is usual that in one day there changes that force visitors to dress as they say the inhabitants of this region as onion, is mean layers of clothes, they can ensure that in a long run is not going to happen neither hot nor cold.


Usually cold days with snowfalls in the mountains of the villa that allow skiing and snowboarding at Cerro Bayo. Snowfall does not affect most of the day to traffic in the town. The daytime temperatures between -10 º and 14 º C.


The days begin to lengthen and the temperatures gradually become more pleasant, the flowering of the vegetation of the place makes the predominant colors are brighter, the days are still cool with cold nights. By the end of the season records between the minimum and maximum can range from 10 º to 22 º C during the day.


The ideal season to fully enjoy the outdoors. The days are warm, especially at noon and in the early afternoon, very sunny with a nice cool nights. The daytime temperature ranges between 10 º and 28 º C, allowing both residents and visitors can fish, swim in lakes or simply enjoy the many beaches in the region. The light can be up to 22 hours, so that the days are really usable.


This season has the highest amount of rainfall, generally of low intensity but can last several days. The daytime temperature ranges between 8 º and 20 º C. The days are cool-temperate with cold nights. A natural level, is arguably one of the most beautiful seasons of the year as the vegetation shows a range of different colors: ocher, yellow and red.


The rainy season ranges from March to December, with a dry season in summer. The precipitation of around 1,500 mm annually. The gradient goes from west to 4,000 mm annually, to the east, with about 600 mm in the steppe. This is because downloading rains in the mountains. Precipitation is like rain in autumn and spring, and may be as snow in the winter, depending on the height and course of temperature.
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